Novo número do International Journal of Sports Physiology and Performance


IJSPP Volume 6, Issue 3, September

From Superfit to Superfat 

293 – 294 

Iñigo Mujika

Brief Review
Applications of GPS Technologies to Field Sports 

295 – 310 

Robert J. Aughey

Original Investigations
The Reliability of MinimaxX Accelerometers for Measuring Physical Activity in Australian Football 

311 – 321 

Luke J. BoydKevin BallRobert J. Aughey

Effect of the Number of Ball Contacts Within Bouts of 4 vs. 4 Small-Sided Soccer Games 

322 – 333 

Alexandre DellalCarlos Lago-PenasDel P. WongKarim Chamari

Energy System Contributions to the Special Judo Fitness Test 

334 – 343 

Emerson FranchiniStanislaw SterkowiczUrszula Szmatlan-GabrysTomasz GabrysMichal Garnys

The Activity Profile in International Taekwondo Competition Is Modulated by Weight Category 

344 – 357 

Craig A. BridgeMichelle A. JonesBarry Drust

The Role of Aerobic Fitness on Session Rating of Perceived Exertion in Futsal Players 

358 – 366 

Vinícius F. MilanezRafael E. PedroAlexandre MoreiraDaniel A. Boullosa,Fuad Salle-NetoFábio Y. Nakamura

Increased High-Intensity Activity in Elite Australian Football Finals Matches 

367 – 379 

Robert J. Aughey

Assessing Running Economy During Field Running with Changes of Direction: Application to 20 m Shuttle Runs 

380 – 395 

Martin BuchheitBachar HaydarKarim HaderPierre UflandSaid Ahmaidi

The Relationship Between Serum and Salivary Cortisol Levels in Response to Different Intensities of Exercise 

396 – 407 

Mitch D. VanBruggenAnthony C. HackneyRobert G. McMurrayKristin S. Ondrak

The Use of Session-RPE Method for Quantifying Training Load in Diving 

408 – 418 

Carlo MingantiLaura CapranicaRomain MeeusenMaria Francesca Piacentini

A Comparison of Asynchronous and Synchronous Arm Cranking During the Wingate Test 

419 – 426 

Dale I. LovellDale MasonElias DelphinusChris McLellan

Technical Report
Development of a Soccer Simulation Protocol to Include Repeated Sprints and Agility 

427 – 431 

Keeron J. StoneJonathan L. OliverMichael G. HughesMichael R. StembridgeDaniel J. NewcombeRobert W. Meyers



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