Sobre os 1000 dias…

Muito tem se falado sobre os mil dias da vida de uma pessoa. Parte destes mil dias se passa durante o aleitamento.

Aaltonen J et al. Impact of maternal diet during pregnancy and breastfeeding on infant metabolic programming: a prospective randomized controlled study. European Journal of Clinical Nutrition (2011) 65, 10–19; doi:10.1038/ejcn.2010.225; published online 13 October 2010.



To evaluate the impact of maternal diet and intensive dietary counselling during pregnancy and breastfeeding on the infant’s metabolic status.


At the first trimester of pregnancy, 256 women were randomized into a control/placebo group and two dietary counselling groups (diet/probiotics and diet/placebo). The counselling, with double-blind randomization to probiotics (Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG andBifidobacterium lactis) or placebo, targeted excessive saturated fat and low fibre consumption. Maternal diet was evaluated repeatedly during pregnancy and postpartum by means of 3 days’ food diaries. Metabolic markers, serum 32–33 split and intact proinsulin, leptin/adiponectin ratio, skinfold thickness and waist circumference were measured of 194 healthy infants at the age of 6 months, and the high levels were taken to mirror adverse metabolic status.


The proportion of infants with a high 32–33 split proinsulin was significantly lower in dietary counselling with probiotics (n=6/62, 9.7%) or placebo (n=7/69, 10.1%) compared with the control/placebo group (n=17/63, 27.0%). The high split proinsulin was associated with larger skinfold thickness, waist circumference and higher leptin/adiponectin ratio in the infants (P<0.05). With respect to maternal diet during pregnancy, the highest and lowest tertiles of fat intake increased the infant’s risk of high split proinsulin, whereas those of butter associated correspondingly with the infant’s waist circumference. Further, breastfed infants showed a reduced risk of high split proinsulin and leptin/adiponectin ratio compared with formula-fed infants.


Modification of maternal diet during pregnancy and breastfeeding may benefit infant metabolic health. High split proinsulin reflects adverse metabolic status in infancy, which can be improved by early dietary counselling.


infant; adiposity; metabolism; pregnancy; counselling




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