Melhor carga para treino de potência!

Pennington JM, Laubach LL, De Marco GM, Linderman JK. Determining the Optimal Load for Maximal Power Output for the Power Clean and Snatch in Collegiate Male Football Players. JEPonline 2010;13(2):10-19.  Explosive power is associated with performance in a multitude of sports. Olympic style explosive exercises (i.e. the snatch and power clean) are known to elicit the greatest power output, as well as simulate the multiple joint motions involved in many sports. Therefore, the purpose of the present research was to determine percentage of one repetition maximum (1 RM) that yielded maximal power output during the power clean and snatch.  The secondary purpose of this research was to determine differences in intra-team power characteristics between skill and non-skill classifications. Division I male football athletes (n=20) participated in this research. Body composition, as well as peak power output, average power output, peak velocity, and average velocity was measured from 30-90% of 1 RM in 10% increments for the power clean and snatch.  Peak power occurred at 80%-of 1 RM for the power clean (1859.3 ± 56.6 Watts) and snatch (1632.6 ± 64.3 Watts). Peak power output was significantly higher (p<0.05) for both exercises in the non-skill group, but the skilled group was significantly higher when power was adjusted for bodyweight.  However, no differences in power output were found when adjusted for lean body mass.  This study suggests the optimal load for producing the highest value of power output occurs at 80% of 1 RM. The current study also suggests that in neuro-muscularly trained athletes that lean body mass has an influence on maximal power output.


Key Words: Football, Athletic Performance, TENDO.


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